Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve

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Translation of the size chart
Unit - CM
尺码 ; Size
肩宽 ; Shoulder Width
胸围 ; Bust
袖长 ; Sleeve Length
衣长 ; Length of Clothes
裤长 ; Trouser Length
臀围 ; Hip Measurement
推荐身高 ; Recommended Height 
推荐体重 ; Recommended Weight
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  • COLOR:
    CLA040 - A
    CLA040 - A
  • SIZE:
  • Quality Grade:
  • Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve
  • Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve
  • Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve
  • Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve
  • Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve
  • Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve
  • Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve
  • Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve
  • Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve
  • Burberry Red Neck Short Sleeve
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